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Crabbing for our dinner

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Emma Suarez

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Emma Suarez

Every year, I go crabbing at Huntington Beach with my grandma and grandpa. First, you need the right materials. One would wear a bathing suit or a water outfit, something comfortable. The supplies needed are a net, a bin and a cage. It’s very important that you carry these items with you so you can make sure the crabs are fresh when you eat them for dinner that evening. In the cage, you will put a block of bait so the crabs can feed on it.

Once you have these supplies, you can begin crabbing. Here's what you do: There is a cage with a block of bait in it that you attach to a rope. You tie it to the wooden pole and drop it in the water. If you’re lucky, you get a blue crab. Those are usually found in the Chesapeake Bay down in the Maryland. Then you pull it up and put the crabs in a giant bin half filled with water. Sometimes, if there are many crabs, you need a net.

This experience is a lot of fun. We bring them back and clean them. It’s great to cook them up for dinner that evening because they are fresh. Nothing is better than a fresh crab it is really so delicious. After a hard day’s work of crabbing, it's a nice way to spend a summer day and evening. I’m looking forward to crabbing for blues next summer.

Clara Villani’s Newspaper Club, Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School, Kellenberg, Uniondale


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