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Raffle baskets helped raise funds for hurricane victims

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Annmarie Schurr

We were able to raise $242 for the victims of the hurricanes in the South last year. Our teacher, Karen Landsman, told us about how there were a lot of hurricanes that were going on at the time, and how she wanted to do something about it. We wanted to help, so we were determined to come up with something.

We thought: What’s a better way to raise money than a raffle? We had another thing on our minds. We had to come up with basket ideas. What kind of baskets would people want to enter a raffle for? We split up and made at least one basket each.

We made two art baskets consisting of different assortments of art supplies, canvases and sketchbooks. We made a movie basket with microwave popcorn and multiple kids’ movies. We also made a slime basket with all your basic slime supplies. We made a sunshine basket with a yellow pillow, golden Oreos and other yellow candies. We also made a candy basket, with various chocolates and candies that popped out to everyone’s eyes. Lastly, we made a gift card basket with gift cards for ice cream, doughnuts and more.

We held the fundraiser at our annual Polk Street School Fall Festival. On the day of the fundraiser, our table was pretty close to the entrance, and a lot of people saw us, which was exciting. We walked in and then got our table prepared. After it was set up, we watched more people come in. As more people came in we eventually had a long line growing at the table.

The process of actually putting our ideas into action was the difficult part. Each one of us started off by agreeing upon the fact that we needed to somehow spread the word about the fundraiser in a crafty, original way. Each of us designed posters that made sure the message of our raffles was sent.

We donated the money to hurricane relief through YouCaring.

Karen Landsman’s sixth-grade class, Polk Street Elementary School, Franklin Square

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