Good Morning
Good Morning

I believe I can fly, on the trapeze

Almost every weekend last year, I went to I.Fly Trapeze School in Eisenhower Park. It is the most fun trying to learn how to fly on a trapeze. Don't worry, it is very safe -- but a little scary. The instructors are great and are always there to help you.

First, they put you in a harness. Next, you climb up the ladder. It's pretty scary because it's slippery and about 30 feet high. I remember the first time I climbed up, I was so nervous. It feels like you're going to fall or the harness they strap you in is going to break any second. After I got used to it, I thought it was awesome. Once you reach the top, you step onto the platform. They attach you to the ropes, grab on and swing. I could feel the wind gliding in the air. Once you're swinging, it's not scary anymore. When you want to get off, you just tell the person who is holding the ropes and you do a back flip off. It's so fun doing back flips off because it feels like you are flying. At the end of your lesson, you do something called the catch. It's when you hook your knees on the bar, let go of the bar and somebody catches you by the hands. It also feels like you're flying, except while you're flying somebody catches you. I had the best time at I.Fly.

To find out more about this great adventure, visit the website:

When you get the courage, go. They even have a camp.

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