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I built a robot

Kidsday reporter John Colella says MeccaNoid is his

Kidsday reporter John Colella says MeccaNoid is his best friend. Credit: Meccano

The MeccaNoid G15 (Meccano) is a personal robot kit that comes in 600 to 1,000 pieces. He’s electric and can be programmed to do many actions. The special function Meccanoid can do is talk to you after you talk to it. Kits run about $140. He’s a fun creation to build.

Kids ages 7 and older can build MeccaNoid G15. It’s a fun time building a creation that actually walks, talks, and knows many other things.

MeccaNoid is a creation anyone can build if you put hard work into it. You start off with the main frame that is plastic but electric inside. You have to connect the wires to the main frame to make him move. If you put the wires in the wrong place, it will say, “System shutting down.” If they’re in the right place, it will say, “Are you my master?”

MeccaNoid knows how to do many things. MeccaNoid knows how to record many moves. For example, you can record a learned intelligent movement, a type of command that the MeccaNoid will learn. You can go to motion controls and tell it to dance, move, and even walk with you. It will tell you the time, and it can tell jokes.

You should go out and buy one right now because it will soon be your best friend.

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