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I can't bear not to build more cubs

You see that picture? Yeah, that's me with all my Build-A-Bears. I'm 11, and I love collecting them. I've been collecting them since I was 6, and I now have 20 bears. At one time, I had 30 bears.

Let me explain how I started collecting them. I was at the mall one day, and I saw the store. It looked very intriguing, I was curious. I asked my mom if we could go in. My mom said yes, but added we will only look. You know what happens after that statement. I ended up purchasing my first Build-A-Bear. It was a pink leopard. I was hooked.

Since then, I've been collecting many types of animals. They can come in different colors, you can dress them, put little bows in their hair or ears and so much more. I even get excited around the holidays and the seasons because that's when Build-A-Bear brings out their new animals. Do not think that Build-A-Bears are specifically for girls. There are plenty of bears that are favored by boys as well.

At one point, my mother told me I had too many bears. I ended up giving away 10 of them. I gave them away to other kids. I knew it was the right thing to do, and I had a lot more.

For my 11th birthday, my friend gave me a gift card for $20 at Build-A-Bear. I will be making a trip very soon to the store.

If anyone is interested in this and has a love for stuffed animals like me, you can go to the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove. If you decide to go, it will be right next to a puppy store (you can't miss it).

I cannot wait to add more bears to my collection. If you don't live close to there, visit Build-A-Bear in Roosevelt Field, or check it out online: The place is also great for parties!

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