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I collect baby sea turtles — made of glass

Kidsday reporter Sienna Fox with her tiny turtle

Kidsday reporter Sienna Fox with her tiny turtle collectibles. Credit: Greta Fox

Do you have a special collection at home? I do! Every year when I go on vacation with my family to Aruba, I collect and bring a baby sea turtle back with me. These turtles are not real — they are made of sea glass, and each one is unique and beautiful its own way. Some are blue, some are gold, some are pink, purple and more. Some are even tie-dyed.

Baby sea turtles are a part of Aruba’s beach life and outdoor environment. If you look at the right time of day, you can almost always see them in the white sand, crawling toward the warm blue water. I have been going to Aruba for nine years, so I should know. All of the animal life is exquisite in Aruba, such as the bright green iguanas, multicolored butterflies and exotic birds, but the turtles are always my favorite.

In addition to reminding me of my favorite Caribbean island, the turtles are my dad’s and my “special thing.” Every year, we walk by all the lovely souvenir shops. Most people are drawn to the jeweled bracelets or colorful clothing, but my eyes light up over the baby turtles. I have no idea why I love them so much, but it is the equivalent of putting candy in front of a baby. My dad buys me one new and special glass turtle each trip to remember our fun family trip and the time we spend together. I have 10 and love them all.

While Aruba and all its magical features are beautiful, the turtles are my favorite for all they represent.

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