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I collect geodes, gems, minerals

Kidsday reporter Sean Condenzio has no ordinary rock

Kidsday reporter Sean Condenzio has no ordinary rock collection. Photo Credit: Condenzio family

Geodes, gems and minerals hold a wide variety of amazing designs and beautiful, crystal colors. Some of these include diamonds, amethysts and quartz. These amazing substances are great for collections, hobbies or interests. Conventions are held all over Long Island and other states. There they showcase amazing crystals and gems that can vary from high to low prices and you can even purchase them for yourself.

I went to a gem and mineral convention in Freeport, and I found a monkey skull that had been buried for thousands of years. It was buried for so long that it had completely crystallized into a crystal skull. This was not for sale because it was an ancient artifact, but it was an amazing sight to see that enormous environmental pressures and long expanses of time can transform something like a monkey skull into a beautiful transparent gem.

Geodes are rocks that were underground for thousands to millions of years and have crystallized from the inside. When opened these rocks have beautiful crystal designs inside of them. Some geodes include the Brazilian geode, smoky quartz or amethyst geodes. There are hundreds of thousands of different types of gems, geodes and minerals, and they can range from a crusty piece of slate to the beautiful, priceless black diamond. I have just started my collection, but my fascination will make it a lifelong hobby.


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