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I collect healing crystals

Kidsday reporter Jordan Goldstein collects crystals.

Kidsday reporter Jordan Goldstein collects crystals. Credit: Goldstein family

I started collecting crystals a year ago. I always loved cool rocks and stones and liked learning about where they came from. Crystals have healing powers that many believe in and sometimes even can cure illness while others think it is a myth. I love all the different colors and shapes and have a collection of crystals with all their meaning and potential healing powers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

AMETHYST This cool purple crystal is said to be calming and protecting. It also has a strong healing and cleansing power. It helps you remember and understand your dreams and it helps relieve stress, and balances moodiness.

PYRITE (fool’s gold) This is by far the coolest looking! It looks like real gold. It supposedly attracts money and makes you smart. It protects you against negative energy.

BISMUTH This rainbow-colored stone is said to help someone who is feeling lonely. It helps promote a feeling of wanting to travel and be in group activities.

SELENITE This long, clear crystal has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. It brings clarity and helps with awareness and understanding. It strengthens decision making and helps you make smart choices.

EMERALD This bright green crystal is supposed to bring you unconditional love and friendship. It helps to get rid of negativity and brings patience.

It’s fun having this collection because it teaches me all about natural ways to feel better and all the cool colors and shapes that they come in. Many people wear a crystal around their neck or on a piece of jewelry; I just like having them in my room to show all my friends.

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