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I collect military stuff

A lot of my friends know that I have a love of the military. Since I was 6, I always wanted to be in the U.S. Marines. I want to tell you about my military collection.

A lot of the things in my collection are from Parris Island, which is a U.S. Marine base in South Carolina. My grandpa is a Vietnam veteran, so he has access to the base. I have gotten things from a local Army/Navy surplus store and the Internet.

Some of the things I have in my collection are a BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) that is worn in combat, a USMC jumpsuit, USMC compass and a USMC field journal, which is what soldiers use to record what happens in battle. I also have a very cool Semper Fi set that consists of a rucksack, tactical light, helmet and vest.

I have a U.S. Army Ranger Handbook, which helps soldiers with Ranger training. I have two GI-style canteens with covers, digital camo wallet, camo sunglasses with USMC lanyard and various USMC patches.

My favorite in the collection is my USMC-certified cover (a hat). I keep different pins in my hat. I have a U.S. Army Ranger pin, Marine Corps pin and an American flag pin. I love to wear my hat all the time.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my collection. If you would like to start your own collection, I suggest starting by visiting your local Army/Navy surplus store. I can't wait until I am older and I will be able to join the Marines and help serve my country.


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