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IDo3D Print Shop review: Complex, creative craft

Kidsday reporters Sheirin Khan, left, Eleftherios Vretzakis and

Kidsday reporters Sheirin Khan, left, Eleftherios Vretzakis and Ari Bentov tested IDo3D Print Shop. Credit: Debra Herbert

We were given the IDo3D Print Shop (RedwoodVentures) to test. This kit is a kids’ version of a real 3-D printer.

It has three pre-made molds: a bear, a radio and a hamburger. You can choose two colors for the molds, red or blue. You can make your own custom molds out of things around your house, too. It may look complicated, but the results were amazing. The pre-made molds came out half or hollow, but the custom-made molds came out full. They had a lot of detail when they were finished. We would say the procedure to make the molds was tricky because when you apply the ink, it may get on your hands. It gave us rashes, so wear gloves!

It also takes a long time to figure out the instructions. When we figured that out, it was a lot of fun. We would rate this product overall 4.5 smiles out of 5 because you can make so many things, like Legos and jewelry. We would definitely recommend it, but we wish the storage space was not so small. However, the process of making the molds was fun. Plus, it’s interesting and promotes creativity.

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