Good Morning
Good Morning

I enjoy swimming in competitions

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Emily Bahm, West Islip

I love to swim. For me swimming was always fun in the summer.

I take lessons and swim on a team, Islanders Aquatics in West Islip, all year round. We have meets, when teams race against another team.

In swimming there are four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. My best event is backstroke. I can do the breaststroke, but I am slower at that.

Once when I was competing against another girl, I was behind her in the race, but then I caught up and passed her and won the race. My team was so happy for me, and we were all happy for the team.

In the summer, I also swim at the town pool at Phelps Lane Park. I am on the team there, too, and we have meets. My older brother is also on both teams, and that is good because I know I can always talk to him or my coaches about swimming.

I have a trophy and a medal from swimming competitions at both places.

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