Good Evening
Good Evening

I have a giant, huge, enormous monster truck collection!

Many kids like to collect things. One thing I collect is monster trucks. I have a big collection of them.

I love all monster trucks: big, little, tiny, giant, and medium size. I have about 350 of them.

I also have obstacles, blankets, and stuffed animals. I started collecting when I was young after watching the "Monster Jam" TV show.

It is fun watching monster trucks compete at stadiums for trophies. My family and I have seen the Monster Jam finals two times. It was very exciting.

Collecting can be an exciting and fun activity for kids to do. I play with them all the time and I like to have them do jumps and just fly through the air. I have foam blocks that I use for ramps. That adds to the excitement. I recommend it for all kids.

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