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I have a special bond with my grandfather

Kidsday reporter Danny Greene with his grandfather Dominic

Kidsday reporter Danny Greene with his grandfather Dominic Lorenzino. Credit: Greene family

It’s Wednesday, and the phone rings: “Hey, Dan, what do you think about trying Blackstone’s this Friday?” This is my routine with Grandpa every week.

From the time I can remember, my grandpa and I have had a standing plan every Friday night. When I was 2, I had my first real dining experience with Grandpa when he gave me a baby lamb chop to try.

Whenever we meet, people always think that I’m his only grandchild, but I am actually the oldest grandchild of six. Now that I’m older, I finally understand why my grandpa and I are so close. He explained to me that he loves us all equally, but I have this special “something.” A year after I was born, my grandma passed away from diabetes. During my first year, my grandpa was always with me and my parents. My grandpa tells me that my personality and the type of person I am remind him of my grandma.

During our Friday dinners, we talk about the normal things like school and my friends. My grandpa tells me about work and his friends, too. But there’s always something my grandpa teaches me. It could be a new math trick or something really cool about space. Besides going to dinner together, we also go to the movies.

My grandpa has taught me how to be respectful and kind. For example, saying “thank you” is a must when we go out. Holding the door open for someone is also an important thing. When someone talks, you listen and look at them. My grandpa calls this life’s lessons. These are the important things that my grandpa says are not taught in school.

I know I will be successful when I get older because my grandpa says I will be. Whatever my grandpa says is always the truth. He says I have a special angel looking over me every day of my life. He might be old, but he is the coolest guy I know.

The next time your parents say that you have to go out with your grandparents, be thrilled. Listen to what they have to say, because this could be the start of a special relationship.

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