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I help at my family’s restaurant, China Wok in Holtsville

Kidsday reporter Qixin Li at his family's restaurant,

Kidsday reporter Qixin Li at his family's restaurant, China Wok in Holtsville. Credit: Li family

I have been working at my dad’s restaurant since I was 4 years old. Our restaurant is China Wok, and it is on Long Island Avenue in Holtsville. I go there almost every day and help out to make our family business run smoothly.

One of the things I do is making sure that the food is always covered with plastic to keep it fresh. I do other things, too, like preparing supplies. I put cookies inside little paper bags. I also put napkins inside little paper bags so I can put appetizers inside these bags. Appetizers will come out into the napkin so the customers will not get oily food.

Sometimes I help my dad take the customer orders. I help him make the sauce for the food. Most of the customers order General Tso’s chicken because it is made with a very sweet brown sauce.

My family has owned the restaurant for 15 years. Stop by at 157 Long Island Ave., Holtsville, or call 631-758-7238.

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