Good Evening
Good Evening

I help out in a circus

Have you ever been to a circus? Not only have I been to a circus, I have worked at a circus! My aunt and uncle work for a circus that travels around California called Circus Vargas ( My uncle is a balancer. He balances things on his chin. He can even balance a ladder on his chin. Sometimes he will take someone's shoe and balance it. I always hope it is someone's shoe that is not stinky! My aunt announces acts. This circus travels around California. In the summers, my mom and I go to meet up with the circus.

Sometimes I work at the concession stands. I sell cotton candy, popcorn, soda, water and other things, too. Sometimes I hand out programs to the audience. During the show, the owners will call kids out of the audience to try balancing feathers and do tricks with scarves. During that time, I will hand out feathers and pick up scarves. I help the children balance the feathers and try the tricks. Sometimes I will do the tricks myself. That's my favorite job.

I love that I get to spend time with this circus. It's fun to try different jobs, and it's also fun on the days I just get to watch the show. This is a great way to spend my summer vacation.

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