I have been playing guitar since I was around 8 and got my first guitar for Christmas a year ago.

Ever since then, I've collected guitar picks from different places I go. My first guitar picks were Epiphones. They are orange, black and green. The next picks I got were tie-dye red, white and blue Fenders; I got them for my ninth birthday. After those picks, I got two alligator picks. I got one of them from a friend who also plays guitar, and sometimes we play together. I also got two alligator picks from my music teacher in fourth grade. He, too, plays guitar.

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In the summer of 2013, I went to a Taylor Swift concert; that's where I got my six Taylor Swift picks. On the back of each one is Taylor Swift's name.

Finally, in December, I was in Manhattan. While I was there, I went to an M&M store. That's where I got four M&M picks.