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I like standing out because I am 13 and almost 6 feet tall

Kidsday reporter Jakai Lester, left, with classmate Sean

Kidsday reporter Jakai Lester, left, with classmate Sean Bellia. Credit: Bonnie Hersch

It may be hard to imagine, but I am 13 and 5-foot-11. From kindergarten through now, in the seventh grade, I’ve always been way taller than all of my classmates.

Being tall can actually be a fantastic thing. First, I can see over people and reach things that are high up and far back. For example, I helped a guy reach milk that was too far back for him to reach at Walmart. At school in the cafeteria, there are paper towels kept on top of one of the vending machines. The lunch aides always ask me to grab some for them because it’s an easy reach for me. Also, when I play basketball, I tower over the players and sometimes the coaches. I contribute a lot to the team by getting rebounds, playing defense and scoring.

However, there are some disadvantages to being tall. Tall people can have trouble bending over to pick up things on the floor; it can hurt their backs. Another bad thing is finding clothes that fit you. I’ve been wearing men’s size clothes for a while now. When I’m sitting in class, sometimes my knees hit the bottom of the desk, which can be very uncomfortable.

My doctor says I am still growing. By the time I’m 18, I might be 7 feet. You can always spot me in a crowd. I love being tall.


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