Good Evening
Good Evening

I love cleaning shoes

My friends think I'm weird because I like to clean things. What I love to clean most are shoes. I don't know if it's a hobby or an interesting thing to do. Shoes are very fun to clean, in my opinion.

I like to clean shoes. It really bothers me when there is stuff on your shoes or when the sneakers are white and the sole is supposed to be white but there are grass stains on the shoes. There is this shoe cleaner called Mint Cleaner. It's really good. If you are like me, and when you see beat-up shoes, you should start helping people and say "Hey, do you want me to clean your shoes?" They would most likely say yes. In my opinion there are a lot of kids who would rather have clean shoes.

I'm used to kids saying I'm weird. But you should start cleaning things that are fun because anyone can be boring -- boring is easy. Look around your house for fun items. Go clean something fun.

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