Do you know how much fun you can have at a Dave & Buster’s? D&B is a really great place to go. You can win lots of tickets and get prizes like giant Teddy bears and candy. I always go there on Wednesdays when there’s no school. Every Wednesday you can play games for half price.

At Dave & Buster’s, there are more than 21 fun games you can play. My favorite game is Luigi Mansion. Luigi Mansion is an awesome game because you can suck ghosts into your vacuum. They also have a TV game like “Wheel of Fortune.” This is my sister’s favorite game because she loves winning the fake money.

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You can get prizes with the tickets you win. Each prize costs a different number of tickets. I really want to get a Wii U, but that costs a lot of tickets! You also can get food with your tickets. My favorite is calamari. They also have quesadillas. Dave & Buster’s has a place to sit, and they even have a bowling alley.

I hope you will go to Dave & Buster’s soon! Maybe I will see you there at the Westbury location. There is also one in Islandia.