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I love fashion

I just love everything about fashion. I love to read fashion magazines, watch fashion TV shows and especially look at YouTube videos about fashion. It is so much fun to mix and match different clothes to make new outfits and show your own style. I like to mix old and new styles. I had this idea to take a style from the '90s like a jumpsuit and then add new style shoes, a hat and rhinestone necklace to create a mixed style. You can make it your own style by adding your own personal touch with accessories. Putting an outfit together in different ways is how you develop your own personal style.

You can get plenty of help with fashion on social media like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Two of my favorite YouTube channels are "Zoella" and "Maybaby." Deer Park High School has a lot of fashion classes and I can't wait to get to high school to take them. The students in those classes get to design their own clothes and actually learn to sew and make the outfit they design. They had a lot of the student designs displayed at our art show last year.

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