The League of Yes is a baseball league for kids with special needs. The kids need friends to help them play the game, so they have volunteers called buddies to help them. As a buddy you help the kid that you are assigned to hit the ball, run the bases and play catch in the outfield. When participating as a buddy, you create a friendship and brighten a kid’s day. Volunteering is definitely worth it when you see the smile on the kid’s face.

As a Girl Scout, I volunteered to be a buddy, along with the rest of the members of my troop, for our Bronze Award. After completing our Bronze Award, I continue to volunteer. I enjoy making kids happy and giving them a friend to talk to.

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This past spring season was especially a lot of fun because my cousin Ryan started playing in the league. Now I go every weekend and volunteer as his buddy. Ryan likes hitting the ball, running the bases and playing catch. Ryan enjoys the extra time with me and I enjoy the extra time with him.

I love the League of Yes and will volunteer there and continue to try to bring smiles to kids’ faces.

If you want to volunteer, go online at