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Good Morning

I love helping out my dad on our family’s food trucks

Kidsday reporter Sophia Tsakos and her dad, Gus,

Kidsday reporter Sophia Tsakos and her dad, Gus, with one of their family's food trucks. Credit: Tsakos family

The horn goes off to alert the customers that the coffee truck has arrived! My dad pulls up in his silver-sided truck to one of the many factories, construction sites, office buildings and airports that his trucks visit each day. These coffee trucks provide breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffee, drinks, pastries and snacks to customers. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to ride on one of the trucks with him.

Our family business was started in Bellmore about 45 years ago by my grandfather, Nick. He eventually moved the business to Lynbrook, where he bought a plot of land and built K.E.D., a food service corporation. K.E.D. is named after his three children: Kosta, Effie and Dina. My dad took over the business and renamed it Platinum Caterers about a year ago.

Each day, the drivers of the trucks come to the store to refill the goods that they are going to sell for that day. Some of the most popular items are empanadas, Italian sandwiches, and of course, coffee. Once they’ve stocked up, the 90 trucks make their way to their stops. People in their workplaces look forward to buying all these delicious items every day.

As summer is approaching, I can’t wait to spend some time with my dad at the store or on the trucks. My dad will drive one of the trucks when there is a missing driver. Since I was 7, I have filled in when one of the workers is sick or has a family emergency. We leave the house around 6 a.m. and go to the store. After eating my favorite breakfast — a roll with ham, eggs and cheese — I usually help out by loading the trucks with the goods for the day or helping my aunts do things in the store.

Once I’m out on the truck, I ring up customers and make change. I have so much fun talking to customers and helping out with our fabulous food truck business. It’s also great on those days to spend time with my dad.

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