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I love running the Kids Spartan Race

The Spartan Kids Race has varying distances for

The Spartan Kids Race has varying distances for kids ages 4 to 14. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Ines Barros, Southampton

The Kids Spartan Race is a great experience. It is very competitive and fun for everyone to enjoy. The Spartan Race has many obstacles and involves a lot of running skills. The kids Spartan Race is shorter than the regular one, which is for adults. People who are good athletes should do this race so that their bodies are prepared for all the obstacles and running in this race.

There are different kinds of terrain in the Spartan. Some involve mud and rocks, while others involve grass and water. I did the Spartan in Connecticut, where the terrain was rocky, grassy, a little muddy, and we also had to run through a stream. That was the toughest part — I didn’t like the water in my shoes.

I did the Spartan Race because my mom and my friends’ moms thought that it would be fun for us. Doing the Spartan with your friends is much more fun than doing it yourself. If you are having trouble, then your friend can support you. Also it’s much more fun knowing that there are other people and friends around you.

My friends and I did not train for this race, but we already swim and do exercises out of the pool. One of the best parts about doing this race was beating my mom! You should get physically and mentally prepared for this race. Toward the end it gets hard, and you have to stay confident in finishing the race. All ages can enjoy running and all the obstacles in the Spartan.

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