44° Good Evening
44° Good Evening

I love swimming on the Twisters

I have been on the Twisters club swim team for two years, and it has been amazing. I never really took learn-to-swim classes except to perfect my freestyle. I was inspired to swim by my older sister. Before attending Twisters, I was on a NYC Parks team.

I wasn't so fast when I just started Twisters. It was harder than I thought. I really wanted to quit, but my parents didn't let me.

Now, I love the workouts. We do relays, dives and "under waters." I got really fast because of coach Jeff. Thank you, Jeff; without you, I would never have gotten faster.

It's not all work really. So thank you everyone who helped me to swim this fast.

If you want to become a better swimmer, join a swim team like I did. Besides getting great exercise, you will meet some great new friends.

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