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Good Morning

I love the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard program

Do you kids out there ever dread having to work a boring summer job when you get older?

Well, if you like the water and are a strong swimmer, you might not have to mow your neighbor's lawn or baby-sit. If you try out for Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard and make it, you will have an exciting summer job.

Lifeguarding is not only fun and brings summer to life, but you also get the thrill of saving someone's life.

I attend Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard program, and I am only 11. They teach kids how to be lifeguards: doing paddleboarding, using ropes to pull people in, how to use a buoy and even just doing swim exercises.

The instructors start training kids at age 10 and continue until they are 16. At 17, they can take the L.I. State Parks test and get further trained to be an ocean lifeguard.

It is hard but rewarding work, and you better show up in shape because you are going to have to swim 100 yards.

Now you probably are wondering how they choose the kids. Well, they take the top 20 or 30 times from a competitive 100-yard swim at the West Bathhouse Pool.

Once you make the cut, you have to go every Sunday to Jones Beach for eight weeks.

Even though I may be creating competition for myself, I have to say you will be missing out if you don't try out for Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard.

If you are too late for this season, you can always try next season. You won't regret it. Visit the website:

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