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I’m an all-star cheerleader

Kidsday reporter Chyane Milledge shows off her cheer

Kidsday reporter Chyane Milledge shows off her cheer moves. Credit: Milledge Family

Do you want to learn about all-star cheerleaders? You are probably thinking what is an all-star cheerleader? Well, an all-star cheerleader is a cheerleader who goes all around the United States. I compete for Platinum Athletics Cheerleading ( in Wantagh.

I have been to Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and a lot of other places. I made it from the second lowest team all the way to the highest team.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, that’s not that hard,” but if you try cheerleading you will see how hard it is. I can do a back flip, a standing back flip and a back flip while twisting, a back flip is when you flip backward with no hands. I am on a junior 2 team, junior 5 team and a youth 2 team. I made it on the highest team and I’ve only cheerleaded for three years on an all-star team. Some of the older kids can’t do a back flip while twisting. I hope some of you will want to do cheerleading after reading this and you should! It is so much fun and great exercise.

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