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I’m an only child ... with siblings

Kidsday reporter Ruby Shanker and her sister Marti

Kidsday reporter Ruby Shanker and her sister Marti Rose. Credit: Shanker family

I’m an only child with a brother and sister. For the past year my brother, Miles (University of Pennsylvania) and my sister, Marti Rose (Fashion Institute of Technology) have been in college so I have the run of the house. My brother’s room is my playroom. My sister’s room is my girl cave. My parent’s bedroom is downstairs so I have the whole upstairs to myself. Sometimes it is lonely but you get a lot of things you would not get when you have a brother and a sister at home. For example, if you really wanted something you would not have to beg because your parents would not get the same thing for your brother and sister. It is completely different to go from five to three people in the house.

Siblings are sometimes annoying but when they are gone you miss them the most. Even though they are close they seem so far. Sometimes they can be annoying saying “Get out!” and “Stop it!” but sometimes they are your best friends. I cannot imagine being an only child for the rest of my life but for right now, it is great having the house to myself! But other times it is nice to have someone there for me.

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