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I’m trying to get a new traffic light in Franklin Square

For people who need to cross a busy

For people who need to cross a busy street, a traffic light can improve safety. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

There are tons of people who cross the very busy street Dogwood Avenue in Franklin Square, and some people can get hurt. So I think we should add another stoplight on Dogwood Avenue. There are only three stoplights there.

It’s harder than it sounds to get a stoplight. First, I emailed state Assemblyman Edward Ra, who told me to contact Nassau County Legislator Vincent Muscarella. I wrote to him and said I would like to have a stoplight on the intersection of Edward Terrace and Dogwood Avenue. There is a dance studio, a martial arts school and other places that people like to walk to, and lots of those people crossing there are kids.

Having a stoplight here will help people cross the street more safely because there are so many cars zooming by. Hopefully, I will hear back from Legislator Muscarella, and he will agree on how important this safety issue is. My goal is to help put a plan in place to get a stoplight at this intersection.

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