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I ride my bike every chance I get

I was 2 when my brother Denny passed his Spider-Man bike down to me. It was a nice bike but it had extra wheels on them that wobbled. I refused to get on that bike with those extra wheels until they were removed. I fought with my parents until my father removed them. When they were removed, I jumped on the bike and took off. Biking came very easy to me.

My dad and I went shopping for my own bike and he bought me my very own Tony Hawk bike. It's yellow and black, and I love to ride it every chance I get. I can do lots of tricks with the bike. I can do pop-a-wheelies and I can stand and ride my bike. I love jumping off ramps that I build myself and I love to skid. I ride it in the rain and I ride it in the snow. I even ride it when there is a strong wind. I rode my bike so much that I popped the tires. I had to get it fixed but it was worth fixing even though my parents didn't think so. Do you like riding your bike as much as I do?


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