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Good Morning

Kidsday poll gets the scoop on ice cream flavors

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Karen Parente, Huntington

Spring is just a week away, and it’s almost time to start thinking about some cool treats. Do you like ice cream? Almost every kid does, but if you could only have one flavor, what would you choose?

We asked 95 fourth-graders: Would you prefer to eat vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Here are our results:

Vanilla 50

Chocolate 45

We asked a couple of kids why they picked vanilla or chocolate, here are their responses.

Vanilla: “I prefer vanilla because it is plainer and usually more creamy.”

Chocolate: “I picked chocolate because vanilla is too plain for me. Chocolate is sweeter.”

It was very close, but vanilla won!

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington

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