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Good Afternoon

Ices or ice cream? Find your favorite at Tina’s Italian Ices

Left to right, Kidsday reporters Emma Brown, Brady

Left to right, Kidsday reporters Emma Brown, Brady Gelling and Finn Capozzi sampled some cold treats with Tina's employee Leanna Vaughn at Tina's Italian Ices in Patchogue. Credit: Kimberly Rall

Have you ever been to an ice cream shop that has only ices or ice cream? Well, Tina’s Italian Ices has so much more! And it is the best place to visit on a hot day.

Tina’s Italian Ices was started in 2007 by Finn’s family. It was named after the youngest Capozzi, Tina. Tina’s is located at 410 West Main St. in Patchogue. The shop is open May to October, noon to 10 p.m. The busiest day is Saturday. Tina’s Italian Ices has ices and ice cream, and it also serves acai bowls, soft serve, waffles and even ice cream for your doggy pals.

The most popular flavors are mint moose tracks and rainbow. The least popular flavors are red velvet and spumoni, according to the manager.

Tina’s even has a bus that you can rent to have at your party or your next big event. You can pick up to 10 flavors of ice cream or Italian ices.

Not only is this a great summer spot, but their freezers are powered 100 percent by solar panels. So, Tina’s is also Earth-friendly.

Come to Tina’s Italian Ices this summer to see what your favorite flavor is.

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