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Ideas for making Mother’s Day amazing

Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jonathan Hayes, Setauket

It’s tomorrow. Are you ready? Do you need some ideas for your mother on Mother’s Day? Well, here are some awesome ideas that your mom will absolutely adore. Let’s get started:

One gift your mother will love is breakfast in bed, not having to get up and cook for the kids but enjoying herself in the comfort of her bed with a nice meal. Here is a little tutorial on the perfect breakfast in bed. First, depending on if your mom is a vegan or not, you can make some eggs. After, you can make sausage or bacon (crispy or chewy.) Then, you can top it all off with some orange or apple juice. Put this all on a nice serving tray or breakfast tray if you have one, and “Perfecto!” Your mom is having the perfect meal in peace!

Another awesome gift that your mom will love is a romantic dinner with Dad, a relaxing dinner with the man of her dreams with a candlelight scene. To do this, you want to have a nice clean tablecloth and your dining room table will do. Lay the tablecloth in a fashion that makes it look nice and fancy. If you have candles, you can place two in the middle of the table surrounding a vase with pretty flowers. If you want to go to the extreme, you can act like it is a restaurant and escort them to the table and serve them like you would in a restaurant.

One final gift that will astound your mom is a nice shirt with your handprint placed onto it. To do this, gather a plain white cotton shirt and your mom’s favorite color of nontoxic fabric paint. Take her children’s hands, including you, (and maybe husband/dad) and cover your hands in it. After, you have soaked your hands, press your hand onto the shirt in a neat form to leave the perfect handprint. Let it dry until the next day, and you will have another fantastic Mother’s Day gift that your mom will absolutely love.

These are a few of many amazing last-minute gifts for your mother on Mother’s Day that your mom will enjoy.

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