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Good Evening

Ideas for summer fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Summer! Our first full week off. What are you doing for fun? Here are some easy ways to make the most of a nice summer day:

n Instead of going to the water park and spending lots of money, hook your sprinkler up to your slide and there you have it, your own water slide.

n Do you like to go fishing? Take a bucket down to the beach and catch some fish with your bare hands.

n Want to pretend you’re on a safari? Grab some rope, hook it to a sturdy tree and swing away.

n Do you have a Nerf gun? If so gather all your friends so you can create a war zone.

n Like to face-paint? You can camouflage yourself so no one can see you and play hide and seek.

n Want to become an entrepreneur? Have a lemonade stand and sell brownies, too.

n Like to read but haven’t found a book you like? Write your own.

n Who loves football? It’s not on TV over the summer. Invite friends to come over and create your own football league or game.

n Sometimes we want to just relax. Take a blanket in your backyard, put sunglasses on and sleep.

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