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Reach the sky at I.Fly Trapeze

Kidsday reporter Michaela Williams, from Candlewood Middle School

Kidsday reporter Michaela Williams, from Candlewood Middle School in Dix Hills, at I.Fly Trapeze in Eisenhower Park. Credit: Williams family

If you are looking to try a new and exciting activity, you may want to check out I.Fly Trapeze. I.Fly has two Long Island locations, Eisenhower Park and Long Beach.

I.Fly Trapeze has fun instructors and a supportive learning environment. You can learn fun tricks on your very first experience that are able to be quickly picked up and translated to more challenging tricks.

I asked my classmate Michaela Williams if it was difficult when she first started to fly. She said it was not too difficult, but it also depends on the amount of upper body strength you have. The instructors will help by showing you techniques to pull yourself up.

The first time I went up to the platform, it looked pretty intimidating, but after I jumped from it once, I was much more comfortable the second time and was able to achieve more than I could the first. I had a great time when I visited last summer and am definitely excited to go again.


Maria Lennon and Erica Schultheis’ writing club, Candlewood Middle School, Dix Hills

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