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iGames help kids stay fit while playing video games

Every year or so, my school has the people of iGames come into the gym. Every year they come in, they bring some Wiis and some Xboxes. The people always bring in fun games that let you exercise. Some games they usually bring are Fruit Ninja and Just Dance. The screen is usually 3 or 4 feet taller than me, and I am about 4 feet tall.

I interviewed Jeanne Gilbert, one of my physical education teachers about the iGames program we had in our school. I wanted to know what exactly kids can get out of playing iGames during gym time. She said, "iGames encourage students to exercise while playing video games."

I noticed that lots of kids play the games with other kids, and I wanted to know if that was a benefit, too. Ms. Gilbert said, "iGames encourage students to work together as a team and help them work on their cardio- respiratory endurance."

Now, I'll tell you what I know. I know that when the iGames people come, they always have the Kinect for Xbox360. Also, they always bring in fun video games.

Kids in our school look forward to playing in gym class during these times. For many, it combines two of our favorite things to do.


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