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Imagination Playground blocks build fun into kids’ recess

Meredith Marin's fourth-grade class enjoys playing with Imagination

Meredith Marin's fourth-grade class enjoys playing with Imagination Playground blocks. Credit: Meredith Marin

In our school, when it is indoor recess, there are Imagination Playground blocks: Everyone at recess always wants to play with them, but every class has a different day to play with them, so that not everyone is pushing to get to them. Imagination Playground blocks are big, soft, foamy blue blocks. Most blocks have a big hole and a small hole. There are rectangles, cylinders, circles, wider noodles, regular noodles and a few other shapes.

We interviewed music teacher Tom Tucker and he said that they are terrific and he thinks they are a great way for kids to think outside the box. We asked him if he thought they are a good idea and why. He said, “They are soft, easy to play with and let kids have the ability to get creative.”

We asked Mr. Tucker about the worst possible thing that could happen with these blocks. He said, “The worst thing that could happen is students or kids not working together and not sharing.” What he wants is for kids to work together, so work together and let your imagination fly!

In our opinion, we think there are a few more negative things about the Imagination Playground blocks. One is that too many people want to use them. That means there is a crowd around them, even when it is just one class. Another negative thing about the Imagination Playground blocks is that there are not enough to go around to one class at a time. There are about 15 to 20 blocks for 22 or 23 kids at a time. We think they should get more!

To sum up, the Imagination Playground blocks are the highlight of indoor recess at our school. Everyone thinks the other schools all around the world should think about getting them for the kids to play with. You can read and see more about them:

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