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Improve your dance spins with a turn board

Kidsday reporter Alana Giallorenzi of Manorville on her

Kidsday reporter Alana Giallorenzi of Manorville on her ballet turn board. Credit: Michelle Giallorenzi

Does a turn board really help dancers perfect their pirouettes?

A turn board is a small, curved, rectangular-shaped board that can fit a standard-sized foot on it. It takes some practice to get the hang of it, but once you do it’s a lot of fun and can help dancers and ice skaters with their turns.

A turn board can be dangerous. You can fall off and hurt yourself. If you are deciding on buying one of these, please use them with caution.

They come in many different colors. Mine is purple. There is a memory foam base where you place your foot, and it should only be used on a wood floor. I also recommend using proper footwear or going barefoot on your turn board. My turn board helped me achieve many goals. So, yes, a turn board does really work.

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