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Improving lacrosse skills with varsity players

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Max Tunney, Long Beach

Long Island is a hotbed for lacrosse. The original New Yorkers, the Iroquois, invented this dynamic, fast-moving sport. So it’s no surprise that some of the best lacrosse players come from New York.

I’ve been playing lacrosse since preschool. I am on a travel lacrosse team 91 Wolfpack Lacrosse. I am a defenseman on this team. I also play for the Sayville Youth Lacrosse Club. In my backyard I have a pitch back and a net. Sometimes I go in the back with my dad and shoot with him.

My dad is an amazing person to play lacrosse with, not only because he’s my dad but because he is also the head coach of the Bayport-Blue Point varsity lacrosse team. I’ve also learned how to be a better player from watching the varsity players practice.

While hanging out at their practices, I learned how to do “behind the back” — throwing the ball behind your back to shoot or throw it. I love to do that cool trick. I also learned how to shoot at the top and bottom corners of the goal. A goal has four corners. A lacrosse player wants to try to score in the corners of the net because those shots are the hardest for a goalie to save.

One of the defensemen for the Bayport-Blue Point lacrosse team is teaching me how to clear the ball and protect my stick. I have scrimmaged with them a few times, which makes me want to run faster and get stronger. I also do some shooting drills with them. And when I’m not playing, I also collect the loose lacrosse balls that are scattered all over during their practice.

As you can see, the Bayport-Blue Point varsity lacrosse team has taught me a lot. One day I hope to be an amazing varsity player just like they are.


n Practice at game speed. Play as hard and run as fast as you would in a real game.

n Practice in the offseason either by yourself or with friends.

n Pick up your stick and a ball and throw the ball against a pitch back or a brick wall to keep your skills fresh.

n Listen to your coaches.

n Work with both the left and right hands.

n Always take your coach’s suggestions seriously.

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