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LI kids review: ‘Incredibles 2’ is an exciting adventure

In "Incredibles 2," Elastigirl joins a campaign to

In "Incredibles 2," Elastigirl joins a campaign to legalize superheroes while Mr. Incredible stays home with the kids. Credit: Disney/Pixar

We had the opportunity to go to an advanced screening of “Incredibles 2” in Manhattan earlier this week. This movie is the sequel to “Incredibles” that premiered 14 years ago. Kids seeing the sequel today have not seen the original movie on the big screen. “Incredibles 2” picks up where the first movie left off — none of the characters have aged.

In the movie, superheroes have been outlawed due to the damage they have done to the city while fighting villains. The Parr family, like all superheroes, is forced to live undercover pretending to be normal citizens. A businessman approaches them and makes a deal with them to try to make superheroes legal again. His first project is for Elastigirl, or Helen (voice by Holly Hunter), to be popular. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), or Bob, Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and baby Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile) stay home waiting anxiously to get back in the action.

Along the way, Frozone, or Lucius Best (Samuel L. Jackson), help protect the children and fight the villains. Elastigirl was completing missions to fight the new character Screenslaver (Bill Wise), a high-tech evil force. When she finds out the truth, she is forced to become evil as well. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible is home with an uncontrollable Jack-Jack and a teen problem Violet.

Paige loved all the superheroes and was unable to choose her favorite. “My favorite scene was when Frozone came to babysit Jack-Jack and they suddenly became under attack from the evil superheroes,” she said.

Autumn’s favorite character was Dash because “I relate to him the most because my older siblings boss me around like Violet bosses Dash around!” Her favorite scene is when Dash and his siblings have to save the parents like they do in the first movie.

Ryan’s favorite character was Jack-Jack: “I liked him the most because his new superpowers were unexpected. My favorite scene was when Jack-Jack fought a raccoon and got it out of the house.” It was funny and cute, said Ryan.

David’s favorite character was Frozone: “I think he was the most action-packed with the biggest impact. My favorite scene was when Frozone saved the city using his ice powers.”

In conclusion, we thought this experience was incredible! We had a blast! We all think this is a family film for ages 4 and up. There were a few scenes that might be scary for kids under 4. Go see “Incredibles 2” now!

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

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