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Indoor skydiving at iFly Westchester is amazing

Kidsday reporters Remi Webb, left, and Jillian Baskind

Kidsday reporters Remi Webb, left, and Jillian Baskind at iFly Westchester in Yonkers. Credit: Baskind family

Have you ever been to a place called iFly? Well, if you haven’t, we will tell you an experience that we had there. It’s an indoor skydiving place in Yonkers.

When you first get there, you get a bracelet, and they give you a stamp on your bracelet if you want to do the high fly. Then when it’s your turn, they bring you in a room and show you a video of what’s going to happen. The video tells you about all the hand signals. For example, two straight fingers means to straighten your legs. Two bent fingers means to bend your legs. After the video you get all geared up. They help you put on a suit that’s kind of thick and fitted. Next, they help you put on earplugs, goggles and a helmet. After your group is done with all of the equipment, you go into a seating area where you wait for your turn to fly.

When it’s your turn, you stand by the opened door and pretend to fall forward into a big tube with strong wind blowing in your face. The instructor will be there to help you. At first it seems that you can’t breathe, but then you get used to it and you can breathe. They also teach you a few tricks. For example, they teach you how to go higher and lower, and also to turn from right to left. Before you know it, your time is over. But don’t worry, you will get another turn.

When you step in the tube, you will be flying instantaneously. For half the time you fly like you did the first time. Then in the second half, you do the high fly. Before you start going really high, they tell you to straighten your legs, and they put your arms in the correct position. The instructor holds on to your suit, and you start spinning, then fly to the half line of the tube. You go up and down four to five times. When you are done with the high fly, the instructor will put his feet on the ground to land.

After your group is done flying, your instructor will put on a little show for you. He will do all different kinds of tricks. For example, he might climb up the walls, go to the top of the tube, do flips, fly upside down and lots more. Our instructor’s name was Ryan. He was really nice, funny and helpful. We really hope we have him next time we go.

This is definitely an activity that we would go to again. We had an amazing experience at iFly, and if you go, we hope you feel the same. This was a moment to never forget. iFly is at 849 Ridge Hill Blvd., Yonkers, 914-449-4359;

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