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Getting iron infusions for anemia

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Jean Yoo, Jericho

In December 2017, I went to the hospital once a week, three weeks in a row, for iron infusions. You may be wondering what infusions are and why I am getting infused with iron. I visit the hospital and they take a medical fluid and they put it inside my body, and they infuse it with blood through a tube that comes inserted through a needle. I have anemia and a severe iron deficiency. This means I don’t make enough red blood cells to get iron to my body.

The most important thing I needed to do when I was getting the infusions was to stay calm and not cry or scream. The more you struggle, the harder it is to get the tube into you, and that means spending more time than needed in the hospital.

For those three weeks, I would get the transfusion at a chemotherapy center. That means there were kids there suffering from cancer and leukemia. I always had to remember that there were other kids there who were suffering more than me.

Karen Landsman’s sixth-grade class, Polk Street Elementary School, Franklin Square

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