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Good Evening

Interpreting your dreams can help solve problems

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jordan Hadix

Have you had a really confusing dream or a dream in which there were people you know? I recently read the book “The Hidden Meaning of Dreams” by Craig Hamilton-Parke (Sterling). The book teaches you how to interpret your dreams and that you may want to keep a dream journal. Dreams are images or imagery projected through your mind like a movie. Dreams are usually either events that occurred before your sleep, your brain trying to fix your problems, or just plain weird. If your dreams are weird, it’s usually just your imagination. If you wake up thinking you didn’t have a dream, you still did, but the dream was uninteresting or insignificant so your brain forgot about it. The first step to interpreting dreams is to determine if your dream contains something, someone or somewhere you know, then you should try and find out what it means. Usually, your brain will try and play different scenarios of problems in real life and try to fix them while you’re asleep. Unfortunately, no one really knows the main reason we have dreams, so interpreting them can be difficult. If you are able to interpret your dreams, you will want to pay more attention to them, as you will be able to solve more of your problems.

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