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Interviewing singer Jasmine Thompson

Kidsday reporters from left, Alana Peters, Madyson Smith,

Kidsday reporters from left, Alana Peters, Madyson Smith, Sophia Chong and Nadege Lawrence, all from St. Martin de Porres Marianist School in Uniondale, with singer Jasmine Thompson at Atlantic Records in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We were invited to meet Jasmine Thompson, a 16-year-old singer songwriter at the Atlantic Record offices in Manhattan. She lives in England. She started singing when she was 8 years old. Ever since then, she has created many songs. She has a very lovely accent. Jasmine was born to a Chinese mother and an English father. The opportunity to meet Jasmine was amazing. She was so friendly and she answered all of our questions. The first thing she did was to ask our names and gave each of us a hug. She even said that we were cute. She is an amazing singer.

Jasmine’s new song “Wonderland” was released on May 19. It’s about a day when she and her friends ran around their town in England, getting lost, but still having fun because they were together. “Wonderland” is an energetic song. This song puts us in a happy, fun and peaceful state of mind.

We asked Jasmine questions, and one of our favorite replies was that she is home-schooled and she makes up all her lessons she missed while traveling. Growing up with divorced parents allowed her to shed some light and give advice to those coping with a split home. Jasmine said that her mom thought it was best. She got used to it but, when her dad realized what he lost, he stopped drinking. Jasmine then started to grow closer to her father. She said parents should do what is best for their children so they can have a happy childhood.

Learning about Jasmine was the best experience we have ever had. Teaching us about her music was incredible because she gave great advice to kids who want to be singers someday. After questions, she told us about her upcoming tour and how she was excited to see her friends and family back home in England. One thing that we like about her style is that she takes her time and if she messes up, she tries again. Check out her music — you should subscribe to her YouTube channel at Jasmine Thompson.

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