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Irish dancer explains competitions

Reel. Light Jig. Slip Jig. Treble Jig. Hornpipe. Slow Jig. Traditional Set. What do these things have in common? These are all different types of Irish dances. Dancers wear two different shoes to perform all of these dances. Some are done in soft shoe and some are done in hard shoe.

Once a dancer learns their steps, they can compete in a feis (pronounced fesh and is commonly used to describe Irish dance competitions). When you go to your first feis, you usually wear a shirt and skirt that represents your school colors. As you move up, you get a dress that has your school colors. When you are a champion you can get a solo dress that is different from any other dress or you can design your own. Irish dance dresses are very elaborate in design and always have a lot of sparkle to them.

I am 10 years old and go to An Rince Mor School of Irish Dance in St. James. My school colors are pink and black. An Rince Mor loosely translates to "circle dance" in Irish. It is very hard to become a champion, but with practice, hard work and great teachers -- like I have -- someday I hope to become a prize winner. If you live in the area, visit them online at


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