Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

It's a 'Big' deal!

Recently, we had the privilege to go to Manhattan and see the movie "Big." "Big" is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The movie is about 12-year-old Josh Baskin, who just wants to be older. So he asks a Zoltar machine at a carnival to grant his wish. The next morning, when he wakes up, Josh is an adult. He ends up becoming a vice president of a toy company and falls in love with a colleague who thinks he is older.

We really liked it when his house was full of toys and he was a grown-up. Another memorable scene takes place at FAO Schwarz. Josh and his boss dance on a giant piano while playing songs.

This movie teaches you that you should not wish to be someone you really are not. Josh spends much of the movie wishing he was back to being a kid. This movie is a humorous look inside the mind of a kid in a difficult situation. Tom Hanks was completely into his character.

We think the movie was really well-done and would go and see the movie again.

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