Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

It's a Free Country

Do you like keeping warm in the winter while still looking stylish? Caroline tried out a Free Country jacket. She wrote: "This jacket has a detachable fur hood, is water and wind resistant, and is great for going outdoors during the winter. It is lightweight, durable, and is very comfortable to wear. It also has adjustable velcro cuffs, a snow skirt and multiple pockets. Free Country has a variety of colors in the same snowboarding jacket, such as majestic blue, magenta, dark purple, and blue jewel. I think it is perfect for hitting the slopes and for sledding at your home."

Sam checked out the Free Country gloves and beanie. He wrote: "Do you like really warm clothes and looking swag at the same time? I tried the boys blue stretch fleece gloves. They are really warm, cool-looking gloves and they fit great. I also liked the boys blue stretch fleece beanie. It is really flexible and can fit any head. It can also come in different colors such as blue, black, red, and green. The gloves can match them, too."

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