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It’s a shoe-in: No-tie shoelaces

Kidsday reporters Ricky Hale and Kymberlyn Calderon show

Kidsday reporters Ricky Hale and Kymberlyn Calderon show off their SnapLaces. Credit: AnneMarie Drosman

Have your parents or teacher told you to tie your shoelaces? Not with SnapLaces! SnapLaces are a replacement for your old, dirty and beat-up shoe laces. First you take off your old laces, and then follow the directions and easily replace them with the SnapLaces instead. Then, apply the plastic clip to the end of the lace. Hook the plastic clip on the opposite side and pull it to the center. Repeat for the other clips and you’re done.

We like that you don’t have to tie your shoes! They fit well and they are adjustable. They come in different colors to match your shoes. You can even get them with your favorite team logo on them. But they have some cons: for example, it’s annoying to apply them on your shoes.

We rate them a 4.

Can’t find them in the store? Visit online:

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