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Good Afternoon

It was puzzling, but we built 4D Batman Gotham City

Kidsday reporters from Valerie Hanley's seventh-grade class at

Kidsday reporters from Valerie Hanley's seventh-grade class at Our Lady of the Hamptons School in Southampton tackled the Gotham City puzzle. Credit: Valerie Hanley

The 4D Batman Gotham City puzzle (4D Cityscape) is not just a puzzle, it’s an experience. As true Batman fans, we found the chance to work on this puzzle so exciting. The puzzle has more than 1,500 pieces, two levels and even plastic buildings to place on top. The puzzle is actually two sets of maps of Gotham City: one foam puzzle and one regular puzzle. You place the foam puzzle on top of the regular puzzle, and then you place the plastic buildings on top of the foam puzzle.

During the time we had the puzzle, most of the kids thought we would not be able to finish it. Before we started, our teacher assigned times for us to work on it. Once we started, we had a timer to see how long it took to build it. In all, it took about 20 hours. All of the seventh grade helped. Some of the kids in the sixth and eighth grades also helped, and so did our teacher and her husband. Once we had much of the puzzle done, we started to think we had lost some pieces. Luckily, we were wrong. This puzzle in all was a full project, and we did it.

The box says ages 14 and up, but this puzzle is really made for older individuals.

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