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‘Jack & Jack’ review: After reading the book, you’ll know Jacks

Kidsday reporter Sanna Ahmad with her copy of

Kidsday reporter Sanna Ahmad with her copy of "Jack and Jack." Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

“Jack & Jack: You Don’t Know Jacks” by Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky (Harper) is a book about two real guys who wanted to be great singers and make their parents proud.

Jack and Jack met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since. They both loved to have fun together. They wanted to make their parents proud. When they were in high school, they used to play around a lot and they would make their parents mad, and now they make their parents proud after singing well and making money. They are doing really well, and their friends and family are so proud of them.

I loved the book. If you read it, you will be shocked after the first few pages. Also, I really liked the book because they wanted to make their parents really happy. They were a little funny in school but never got in trouble because their teacher allowed them to do the funny things. Sometimes they played around in school and their grades went down, but then they improved. Their stories made the book so good.

I know kids my age, 12, would really like it. The reason I think my friends would like it is because many kids are already fans of Jack and Jack. Fans will also want to meet them, but they may not be able to afford their concert. If you read the book, you can meet Jack and Jack.


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