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Jacob Whitesides talks with Kidsday

Singer Jacob Whitesides with Kidsday reporters, from left,

Singer Jacob Whitesides with Kidsday reporters, from left, Megan Assenmacher, Valentina Scibelli, Ava Ferreri and Anna Makarick in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Jacob Whitesides is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter who became popular by posting cover music on the internet. He was a great success with that, and now he has now released his own music and is on tour. Last month he was in town for a concert at Webster Hall. It was one of his stops on his Lovesick Tour. Not only did we get to go to the concert, we got to meet and interview Jacob the next day, too! His song, “Lovesick” is one of our favorites.

We had such a good time at the concert, we couldn’t believe we were actually going to be able to sit down and meet Jacob. We were nervous and excited for the opportunity, but as soon as we saw him we knew it would be fun. He came right over and gave us all a hug. He told us he’s “a hugger,” and we were happy about that! We think he liked that we were wearing his T-shirts that we bought at his concert. He told us he helped with the design of them. We sat down in the interview room and took turns asking questions. Jacob told us it was around our age that he started becoming interested in music. He would play local places with his dad’s band in Tennessee. We also asked him if he now wishes he was a “regular” teenager. He said this is what he always wanted so he is enjoying his journey and the opportunities it is bringing. He’s been able to travel all around the world and meet his fans, which he enjoys doing. He told us he always makes time to talk with his fans either before or after a show. We wanted to know what he would be doing if he wasn’t creating music and touring. He said he would probably be playing sports since he enjoys basketball, football and tennis.

We really enjoyed our time with Jacob Whitesides. He was so nice. He signed pictures for us and even started to follow us on social media! We had a great day and can’t wait for his new music. Even more, we can’t wait until he comes back for more concerts in New York City. You can find out more about Jacob by visiting his website:

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